Leveraging Opportunities in Bank Insurance

by David Ascher, Neal Aton, Linda Cohen, and Michael White

Uncertainty reigns in bank insurance today, as both current and potential participants in the marketplace seek to parse mixed signals. Our perspective is that bank insurance is simply too attractive for banks or carriers to ignore. But we also believe there is a right way and a wrong way to pursue it. This article examines the appeal of bank insurance, explores the nuances behind the market’s recent retreat, and outlines the key success factors ...


Finding The Next Customer

For companies that have matured beyond the days of easy growth, new and emerging customer segments may represent the next horizon. Across industries, companies are looking to ramp sales by capturing that “next customer.” They are tracking the increasing importance of segments like women, ethnic communities, tweens, senior citizens, college students and high value business owners to name a few.


One Stop Banking for Business Owners

How much value lies in cross-selling both business and personal products to business owners? We know that roughly 60% of business owners today have placed their business and personal accounts at the same institution. Yet, there seems to be no industry consensus on whether banks should actively encourage these customers to consolidate. In this memo, we assess the profitability and feasibility of the “one-stop-shop” ...