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Banking, Lending & Payments
Strategy Development & Implementation

In the current macroeconomic environment, banks face considerable uncertainty, new entrants competing for the flow of funds, and unprecedented regulatory scrutiny. In the meantime, non-bank lenders must rapidly scale to seize opportunities before markets turn, and payments innovators must find ways to break through the clutter and navigate an ever-changing value chain. Our clients look to us for guidance on winning strategies that complement existing capabilities and forge new paths no matter how tumultuous the times. Relevant services include:

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Value Proposition and Brand Positioning
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Channel and Geographic Expansion
  • Adjacent Offerings
  • Digital Capabilities
  • Credit Portfolio
Sales, Marketing & Distribution Enhancement

We take an ROI-focused approach to sales, marketing and distribution efforts. We’ve shown clients how investments in customer experience and cross-sell can yield greater returns than investments in prospecting; that suboptimal pricing can leave more money on the table than poor expense management; and that sales force incentives can make or break the company. To help clients engage meaningfully with customers, build the brand, optimize distribution, and drive profitable sales, we focus on:

  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Experience
  • Cross Selling & Up-selling
  • Sales Force Organization and Incentives Design
  • Partnership and Alliance Strategy
  • Marketing ROI
  • Pricing
Operational Enhancement

Process inefficiencies drive costs, jeopardize the quality of products and services, and put customer relationships at risk. We help banks, lenders, and payments providers tackle process improvements that redefine decision rules and workflows, reduce cycle times and remove pain points. We also help clients identify efficiency gains across sales, production and servicing processes through comprehensive cost reduction programs, identification and capture of efficiency reserves, alignment of overhead capacity to core business needs, cost accountability, and procurement excellence. And since operational challenges are often rooted in organizational siloing, outdated organizational design, and outmoded mindsets and behaviors, we offer an array of services to prepare the enterprise for change. Services include:

  • Process optimization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Organizational Design & Change Management
M&A Advisory

With increased regulatory burdens, persistently low interest rates, and technological innovation disrupting traditional relationships with customers and borrowers, M&A is an increasingly compelling strategic option in these sectors. Transom’s strategic and operational work in banking, lending, and payments provides us a unique perspective from which to assist buyers and sellers in these categories. We conduct market scans to identify acquisition targets and due diligence to validate target selection. Our diligence teams often work on the ground at the target to gain a 360 degree view of the business and to detect undisclosed challenges and opportunities. We also assist with establishing and maintaining a neutral Project Management Office to ensure successful and timely integration, to drive a culture of accountability, and to implement best practices for change management. Services include:

  • Target Company Identification
  • Target Diligence Support
  • Post-Merger Integration

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