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Private Equity
Acquisition Support

We help principal investors make great acquisitions. Our services start with market scans to identify acquisition targets and build proprietary deal flow. They continue with due diligence to validate target selection, identify key risks, inform valuation, and provide inputs for negotiation. We provide M&A brokerage services to buy-side clients that keep deals on track through closing. Relevant services include:

  • Target Company Identification
  • Due Diligence Support
  • M&A Brokerage Services
Post-Merger Integration

We assist private equity clients with platform plays and add-ons through our post-merger integration services, including organizational alignment around a clear strategic vision for the merged organization, establishment of a dedicated project management structure, and organizational effectiveness. We ensure strategies are in place to capture expected synergies, help navigate the complex landscape of combining management teams, and develop the right communication vehicles to ensure alignment of senior management and the entire organization. We project manage the post-merger period by establishing the integration steering committee, setting clear financial targets, budgets and timelines, and assigning initiative teams to focus on key sources of value. And, since cultural incompatibility is what dooms 60% of mergers, we support key organizational effectiveness levers, with attention to cultural transformation, organizational design and integration, and employee retention, training and development.

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Strategy Development & Implementation

We frequently work directly with portfolio companies to help refine strategy and design / facilitate strategic initiatives to implement strategy. When we work with portfolio companies we also coordinate efforts at the PE firm level so that all parties are aligned. We leverage the full breadth of our strategy development and implementation services to benefit portfolio companies, including:

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Value Proposition and Brand Positioning
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Channel and Geographic Expansion
  • Adjacent Offerings
  • Digital Capabilities
Operational Enhancement

We offer the full suite of operational services to portfolio companies. In summary, we support post-acquisition performance optimization through:

  • Process Optimization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Organizational Design & Change Management

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