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October 2016


Ask the Expert: What is PPLI Insurance and How Is It Used?

Wealthy investors, including family offices, are increasingly leveraging private placement life insurance (PPLI) as a way to make investing more tax efficient. PPLI enables wealthy investors to invest in hedge funds and other vehicles tax efficiently by allowing for tax-free accumulation and tax-free access to policy cash values.

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Meet Makari Krause


Makari, an Analyst at Transom Consulting, has focused on growth strategy development and M&A engagements. His experience spans statistical modeling, market research, and dashboard design. Makari was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Tanzania and Montana. He completed his B.A at Claremont McKenna College in Environment, Economics, and Politics.

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Three Tools To Inspire Innovation From Your Employees

October 16, 2016

Did you know that it was Google engineers and not the auto industry that started the race to produce a self-driving car? While the concept of an autonomous car dates back to at least the 1920’s, it was Google engineers… more »

Help Employees Innovate By Giving Them The Right Challenges

October 17, 2016

Companies trying to create a culture of innovation often seem to rely on office decor like ping-pong tables tables or multi-colored bean-bag chairs, or one-off events like hackathons. But most want to be more innovative… more »


Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Behavior

October 13, 2016

One business buzzword we hear almost everyday is “culture.” But what do we really mean when we say this? In a 2007 meta-analysis set out to understand which variables had the biggest impact on innovation culture… more »

Leaders Need Different Skills to Thrive in Tech

October 17, 2016

You accept your first job as a manager in a fast growth tech company, thinking: “How much different could this be from my former company—a financial services firm? Management is management, right?”… more »


P2P insurance firm launches out of stealth, powered by morals and big bucks

September 21, 2016

The New York-based startup raised $13 million seed round last year, in one of lead investor Sequoia Capital’s largest ever seed investments. The company has some notable people at the helm, too, including president and co-founder Shai Wininger, who also co-founded jobs marketplace Fiverr back in 2010… more »

10 Takeaways from the Future of Insurance and InsureTEch Connect Conference

October 17, 2016

You’ve probably heard. There is tremendous investor interest right now in technology-first insurance startups. The first InsureTech Connect Conference in Las Vegas in early October attracted an estimated 1,500 tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance executives from around the world… more »

Banking, Lending & Payments

One-Size-Fits-All Is Wrong Approach to Banking, New ABA Chairman Says

October 14, 2016

Dorothy Savarese doesn’t officially become the new chairman of the American Bankers Association until Tuesday, but her to-do list is already full… more »

Are You Really There? U.S. Bank Tries to Use Geolocation to Stop Fraud

October 17, 2016

As consumers get more comfortable letting companies know the location of their mobile phones, U.S. Bank sees this as a good way to fine-tune its fraud management… more »

Asset Management

UBS CEO Says Asset-Management Industry to See More Consolidation

October 7, 2016

UBS Group AG Chief Executive Officer Sergio Ermotti said he expects to see more consolidation among asset managers, adding that he can’t rule out an acquisition… more »

Active Defense: Merger Reflects How the Fund-Management Industry is Changing

October 8, 2016

When firms merge, their bosses gush Panglossian jargon. So it was with the tie-up announced this week of Henderson Global Investors and Janus Capital, an American one… more »

Private Equity

Debt Levels Higher for Small Companies