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September 2017


Meet Felix Recht

Associate Partner

This month, Transom welcomes   Felix Recht as Associate Partner. In this role, Felix will assist clients with strategy development, M&A, and operational transformation.

Felix’s industry experience spans semiconductors, industrial goods, banking and healthcare technology, consumer luxury goods, and agricultural processing.
Previously, Felix worked as an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and as a manager at Transphorm, a power electronics start-up company backed by Google Venture, Soros, and others.

Felix holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from RWTH Aachen University, as well as a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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The Surprising Power of Online Experiments

September-October 2017

In 2012 a Microsoft employee working on Bing had an idea about changing the way the search engine displayed ad headlines. Developing it wouldn’t require much effort but it was one of the hundreds of ideas proposed… more »

Why Preventing Disruption in 2017 is Harder Than When Christensen Coined the Term

September 4, 2017

Every winter, my colleagues and I invite CEOs of some of the world’s largest businesses to join our students at Stanford University. Those that do spend an evening discussing the challenges of digital disruption with us…. more »


Inside GE’s Transformation: How I Remade GE

September-October 2017

A CEO has different tasks in different cycles. Some CEOs are founders and builders. Others have the luxury of managing momentum through a stable economy or a period when business models aren’t being disrupted… more »

When It’s OK to Be a Workaholic

September 5, 2017

Workaholism by its very name suggests detriment to one’s physical and mental health, and the American psychologist Wayne Oates, who coined the term nearly 50 years ago, likened it to substance abuse… more »


How the Insurance Industry Can Push Us to Prepare for Climate Change

August 28, 2017

Climate change risk is rising, and yet behavioral economics research argues that we are collectively underinvesting in protecting ourselves. First, individuals focus on short time horizons and thus under-prepare for future threats… more »

Florida’s Private Flood Insurers Could Face Big Test from Hurrican Irma

September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma could test a nascent private flood insurance market in Florida that some advocates say is a model for making U.S. flood coverage more affordable and commonplace in high-risk areas… more »

Banking, Lending & Payments

‘Too Big to Fail’ Label May Shrink for Firms Under Trump

September 4, 2017

The Trump administration is examining the labeling of large non-bank financial institutions as “too big to fail,” with a closely anticipated Treasury Department report on the initiative expected next month… more »

Fintech Firm Square Seeks to Establish Bank

September 6, 2017

The San Francisco-based finance firm led by Jack Dorsey plans to submit an application on Thursday to form a wholly owned bank based in Utah. The unit would offer loans and deposit accounts to small businesses … more »

Asset Management

SEC Chief says Cyber-Crime Risks are Substantial and Systemic

September 5, 2017

Regulators must do more to help mom-and-pop investors better understand the potential risks posed by cyber crime and new technologies used to commit fraud, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said on Tuesday… more »

A Decade After Crisis, Investors Have Stopped Hunting for Black Swans

September 5, 2017

In the wake of the global financial crisis, fear of such “black-swan” events drove some investors into hedge funds that offered protection should markets plunge. But the swans have yet to return, and such strategies have fallen out of favor…. more »

Private Equity

Private Equity Returns Can Be Replicated With Public Shares

August 24, 2017

It is hard for individual investors to match the returns achieved by private-equity funds. But what if their success in outperforming the public markets could be tracked and replicated? A few pioneering firms claim to have done it… more »

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Dives Deeper into the Principles of Tough Love

September 5, 2017

In 1993, Ray Dalio, the chairman of what is today the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, received a memo signed by his top three lieutenants that was startlingly honest in its assessment of him…. more »

Tech, Media & Telecom