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M&A Advisory
Target Company Identification

Our services start with market scans to identify acquisition targets and build proprietary deal flow. We build the target database, then populate it with both quantitative and qualitative indicators to enable prioritization based on deal specs and strategic and operational fit. We then conduct initial target outreach, typically without naming our client as the interested party, to begin gathering non-public insights without fueling valuation expectations. We cultivate relationships with target executives and seek to understand their wants and needs related to a potential transaction. This phase of work culminates in a series facilitated introductions to a shortlist of potential target companies.

Target Diligence Support

We lead the business diligence effort and quarterback other diligence vendors (e.g., finance, tax, IT, and legal) to provide a fast and seamless experience for both clients and targets. Our diligence teams often work on the ground at the target to gain a 360 degree view of the business and to detect both challenges and opportunities. We draw upon our network of industry-specific subject matter experts to supplement our diligence teams. The net result is a realistic view of valuation and in-depth guidance on transactional structure and negotiation strategy, all geared toward achieving or exceeding the desired investment returns.

Post-Merger Integration

Slow or incomplete integration risks customer and employee dissatisfaction and leaves money on the table. We ensure strategies are in place to capture expected synergies, help navigate the complex task of combining management teams, and develop the right communication vehicles to ensure mindset and behavior alignment between senior management and the entire organization. We serve as a neutral project management office during the post-merger period, establishing the integration steering committee, setting clear financial targets and dashboards, maintaining timelines and delivery accountability, and assigning initiative teams to focus on key sources of value. And, since cultural incompatibility is what dooms 60% of mergers, we support key organizational effectiveness levers, with attention to cultural transformation, organizational design and integration, and employee retention, training and development.


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