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Marketing, Sales & Distribution

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to improve our client’s rigor and success in designing and implementing marketing, sales, and distribution initiatives. Our clients rely on our analytics, creativity, and pragmatism in the following areas:

Customer Insights

To provide clients with actionable, proprietary customer insights, we go beyond cookie-cutter methods to track the evolving wants and needs of target customers. We conduct bespoke quantitative and qualitative market research, including focus groups, interviews, shadowing, surveys, and social media analytics. We translate customer insights into meaningful implications for the client’s value proposition and distribution, marketing, and service strategies and tactics.

Customer Experience

Investments in customer experience often yield greater returns than investments in prospecting due to the power of retention and referral. We isolate customer wants and touchpoint expectations at the segment level and design solutions to enhance Net Promoter Score by appeasing detractors, converting neutrals to advocates, and activating promoters. Our services cover both first-wave customer experience, which entails defect-fixing, and second-wave customer experience, which seeks to evangelize by delighting customers.

Cross-selling & Up-selling Initiatives

We enable cross-sell and up-sell initiatives by combining client data with third party sources, uncovering and quantifying opportunities, building predictive models, and creating linkage with decision support systems. We also jump-start the required collaboration across business lines, the shifting of sales force / front line mindsets, and the realignment of incentives and training with cross-sell and up-sell behaviors and objectives.

Sales Force Organization and Incentives Design

To boost revenue and drive growth, we optimize the sales forces of some of the nation’s leading financial services, TMT, and consumer goods institutions. We leverage sales force analytics and best practice insights to change the way these organizations recruit, train, compensate, and performance manage their agents, relationship managers, and sales reps.

Partnership and Alliance Strategy

Alliances and partnerships are often fast, low-risk avenues to access new capabilities, offerings, and distribution opportunities. We find this especially true in the digital arena. A strategic alliance or partnership should be shaped and run according to a coherent alliance or partnership strategy – consistent with a company’s overall enterprise strategy. We help clients build this strategy, incorporating key success factors such as ongoing relationship building, organizational alignment, accountability, integration, and the right level of dedicated financial resources.


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