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Operational Enhancement

We work with clients to isolate the most important operational issues, design solutions, and drive implementation to realize efficiency gains and expense reduction. We always take a strategic perspective in these efforts, ensuring that operational changes are aligned with overall enterprise strategy. Transom brings significant experience in facilitating change management efforts for complex strategy and operational initiatives, which means our clients are able to effectively implement and sustain critical changes. We offer a comprehensive set of operational enhancement services:

Process Optimization

Process inefficiencies drive costs, jeopardize the quality of products and services, and curtail customer and employee satisfaction. Transom helps clients tackle process improvements that redefine decision rules and workflows, reduce cycle times, trim costs, and remove pain points. We map current state, “as is” processes based on workshops, stakeholder interviews, direct observations and time studies, and surveys. Then, leveraging best practices, we design aspirational, “to be” processes that simplify, streamline, and strengthen results. We often help clients systematize these processes with technology, tools, and employee communications so that recommendations can be translated quickly into action.

Cost Reduction

Leveraging scale and controlling expenses creates immediate bottom line impact. We lead comprehensive expense reduction programs with a focus on identification and capture of efficiency reserves, alignment of overhead capacity to core business needs, cost accountability, and procurement excellence. We start by partnering with internal stakeholders to codify the universe of potential savings opportunities, then evaluate each opportunity in terms of cost-savings potential, impact on customer satisfaction, risk, and implementation complexity. The result is a manageable and targeted set of expense reduction initiatives with clear ownership and a path to execution.

Organizational Design & Change Management

Low levels of operational efficiency are often rooted in outdated organizational structures, business unit siloing, and poorly defined roles and responsibilities. Our organization redesign and fitness programs create faster-moving, transparent, and accountable organizations ready to perform. Our change management offerings include transformation communications, training, and support systems intended to align mindsets and behaviors with the go-forward strategy and organization.


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