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Strategic Planning

We enhance our clients’ strategic decision-making with proven planning methodologies; data-driven insights about customer, product, service, and channel opportunities; and extensive market and competitor analysis enriched by sector expertise. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond delivering strategic recommendations; we work side-by-side with client executives to operationalize strategic plans. Our strategic planning services suite includes:

Strategic Plan Development

We bring market and competitor insights, unbiased perspectives, and a proven process to help clients create and communicate a clear strategic direction, no matter how tumultuous or uncertain the sector. We start by guiding the senior client team in the articulation of a strategic ambition along with concrete measures of success. We then cascade this vision into a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses where to play (e.g., customer segments, channels, geographies and products), how to win (e.g., differentiated value propositions and brand positioning), and how to enable (e.g., required capabilities, initiatives, and management systems). Finally, we work closely with our client counterparts to design supporting initiatives, perform cost-benefit analysis, and lay the groundwork for implementation.

Value Proposition & Brand Positioning

A relevant, differentiated and sustainable value proposition forms the foundation of marketplace success. We help clients identify how key elements of the value proposition, such as product offering, pricing, channel relationships, brand, and service, create competitive advantage. A strong value proposition, which is an internally focused construct, must be translated into a meaningful brand positioning, which is customer-facing. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, we determine the most meaningful communications architecture based on target customers’ wants and needs.

Customer Segmentation Development & Prioritization

We develop strategies to identify and drive penetration among high-value, underserved segments (e.g., needs-based/psychographic, behavioral, demographic, value-based, risk-based). Transom provides end-to-end segmentation capabilities, including: designing, fielding and analyzing customer and prospect surveys; performing statistical analyses to identify segmentation options; informing the prioritization of target segments; and using insights about target customers to drive enterprise decision-making on everything from product development to marketing messaging to sales and servicing tactics.

Channel & Geographic Expansion

Adding new distribution channels and new geographies is often the quickest path to growth, especially for manufacturers of consumer goods or financial products. Our support of channel expansion is grounded in both quantitative and qualitative insights on attractiveness and addressability, while our assessments of new geographies are steeped in statistical analysis and local market data. This approach maximizes the success rate of new distribution initiatives, from the cultivation of additional channels to de novo branch, store, or sales agent placements.

New and/or Adjacent Opportunities

Transom helps leading companies boldly enter into attractive product or service markets adjacent to their core offerings. We base our investment recommendations on quantifiable factors such as relative revenue and profit pools, growth rates, competitive environment, operational synergies, value chain dynamics, and more. From companies looking to increase account density with another offering, to those looking for reinvention, our approach illuminates the highest-return opportunities.

Digital Capabilities

The digital revolution poses threats but also opportunities. For companies looking to transform their industries with new offerings, delivery methods, and business models, we help fuel innovation that is grounded in customer wants and needs. For those who have fallen behind, we identify and prioritize gaps in capabilities, define new systems and user experiences, and surface options to not just “catch up” but to “leapfrog.”


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